TJO Presents

Wheel & Frame/ The Johns, The Icebergs, & The Woes

Join us at Terra Firma
Mar. 30, 2017
The Johns

The Icebergs
The Woes
Wheel & Frame

The Icebergs:
Changing the course of the cruise! With various strains of jazz in the rearview and punk rock on the cassette deck, this NYC based trio are carving out their own brand of avant-pop. The poetry and song of the illustrious Jane LeCroy (Sister Spit, Ohmslice, Nu Voices) and the unorthodox cello work of Tom Abbs (Hungry March Band, Andrew Lamb Trio) have been creating improvisational experimental pop for more than a decade as the band TRANSMITTING, documented on their latest record ‘Dark and Full of Life’, out on the Austrian label, Delphy Rekords. In 2013 the persuasive drumming of David Rogers-Berry (o’death) joined the group and his contribution transformed the duo into a band deserving a new name, so, The Icebergs were born. The Icebergs take the audience on a post-punk lucid musical and lyrical ride through the subconscious and dream world of a wayward soul looking for redemption. Catchy melodies, biting improv, and infectious groove with a healthy dose of sardonic wit await all who witness. It’s as if the Violent Femmes hooked up with Meredith Monk and raised The Clash as their foster child.

Videos: “Needleworker”


GET THE RECORD! Eldorado is the name of the full-length debut record from The Icebergs, on

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Bandcamp: from