TJO Presents


TJO Presents–formerly TM Promotions began as nearly every modern entrepreneurial story began, in a dorm room. Unimpressed by the quality of gigs their friends in bands were playing and they themselves attended, they opted to take matters in to their own hands, booking their first show at Midtown megaclub Rebel (now Slake), and continuing to book events at respected rock clubs including Maxwells, The Knitting Factory and Bowery Poetry Club to name just a few. At one point TM Promotions were presenting nearly 12 events a month.
Following graduation, Olsen continued his work booking shows and events, but found his interests shifting towards artist representation.

While TM Promotions evolved, TJ spent time working at Beyond Race Magazine as the reviews editor, eventually moving up to music editor as well as serving as an assistant account manager. In this period, TJ Olsen became famous for the phrase: “I wasn’t blown away.” When TM Promotions took on the branding of TJO Presents, the company becoming a sole proprietorship under the direction of Olsen, he made the companies goal to make journalists, talent buyers, radio personalities, and all others who come in contact with the artists represented by TJO Presents, “blown away.”

TJO Presents started representing a small but growing roster of artists, providing tour booking, and gradually other forms of consultation. Today TJO Presents strives to be the missing piece in each artists puzzle of success, no matter how large the hole; from booking tours, managing marketing campaigns, helping direct release plans, or building bridges to a strong network of other dedicated music industry professionals.

“It’s as simple as that really,” explains Olsen, “I believe, that by only representing quality projects, and being as particular as we are about our clients, that we’re benefiting everyone, and overall deliver a higher quality experience for people on all sides of the coin.”

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